Celtic Orthodox Christian Church
What is the original Celtic Christianity?
True Celtic Christianity follows the complete Christian Faith, and calls to mind some often overlooked truths. They are not beliefs which should distinguish us from any other right-believing church, but are necessary components of the True Christian Faith which are sadly neglected in our time. Among those beliefs are: True Christianity teaches us that God loves us so much that He always seeks to do what is good for us. Sometimes His commands seem arbitrary, but history has shown us from the very beginning that we harm ourselves and others when we fail to follow God's teachings. Adam's disobedience caused an inherent tendency for succeeding generations to rebel against God and to fall short of the potential His image and likeness gives to each of us. That is the deficiency of original sin. We were meant to be immortal coworkers with God, but because of original sin, we are mortal and less than we could be. So God always seeks us out, working for our healing and restoration. He sent His Son, our Lord Jesus Christ, to restore our potential by joining His Divinity to our humanity at His birth, and shattering our death by His death on the Cross and Resurrection from the tomb. He added to our original potential: He lifted our human nature up to the highest Heaven, even to the right hand of the Father. This is central to Christianity.

What is the Celtic Orthodox Christian Church?
The Undivided Church still survives: the Celtic Orthodox Christian Church bears witness to the original, unchanged Christian Faith.
We are a community united by Faith, called to love, worship and serve God and receive His Holy Sacraments. Our primary concern is the preservation and spreading of the Christian Faith and Sacraments for the spiritual health of others. We welcome all who wish to live and worship according to the teachings of Christ and the Holy Spirit. We are a church for all peoples and nations. We are the continuation of the  churches who originally  brought God's Word and Sacraments to people in Europe, Africa, Asia and the Americas before the year 1000.
In the Latin used by the Celtic churches, the word Gallus means both a Celt and a rooster. This is important to understand us, because like the ancient Celtic Christians, we see ourselves as being like the simple rooster who heralds the Dawn of the coming of Christ. Whether Jesus Christ returns today or a thousand years from now, all must be ready because we do not know the hour.

What is your form of worship?
We worship using the Liturgy of the Lorrha "Stowe" Missal. It is one of the earliest and most complete expressions of the Christian Faith, coming directly from the tradition of the Holy Apostles. It is also the only surviving Celtic Liturgy. Services for the other Sacraments, daily prayer and other needs are from similar sources.

Why do you call yourselves Celtic and Orthodox?
"Celtic"  is not just a reference to our primary form of worship.  Like the original Celtic churches, we hold the same Orthodox Christian Faith and administer the same Sacraments as the Undivided Church.
"Orthodox" means "Correct Worship". It does not mean "Eastern".
So we support all forms of Christian Worship that follow the original  Christian criteria for true Christian Ministry.  Saint Irenaeus of Lyons in Gaul, an ancient Celtic country, stated that churches are members of the Body of Christ if they are united to it by Faith and Grace.
This means that a valid Christian church:

  1. Proclaims complete Christian Doctrine without any compromise.
  2. Administers Sacraments by virtue of Apostolic Succession (Sacramental genealogy of Bishops back to Jesus Christ, God the Son).  
  3. Administers the Eucharist only to those who are Baptized and Chrismated/Confirmed members of similar churches.
  4. Shares the Eucharist only with churches that follow these criteria.

This is not only a Celtic belief but once was a belief of all churches that called themselves Christian.

What do you say about your detractors?
"If the world hate you, know ye, that it hath hated me before you." [John 15:18]

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