Ministries in the Celtic Orthodox Christian Church
May God Bless you for your interest.

Candidates for Holy Orders (including Deaconess)
Postulants for Cele De(Religious Order)
and Transferring Clergy
NEW Policy: Please download and read the application carefully. This will answer many of your questions.  If you have any remaining questions, please contact the Abbot-Bishop via email.   Send completed application forms to the address on this page.

Churches Converting to Orthodoxy

The Heavens rejoice when the hierarchs, clergy and the laity of a non-Orthodox church accept the Faith of Christ's Undivided Church.  Please discuss your needs with us.

His Serenity Abbot-Bishop 
Maelrúain, Céle Dé
c/o Celtic Orthodox Christian Church

Box 2712, Akron, Ohio 44309
(330) 622-6359 (7-8 PM Tues-Wed)


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